KVH 7.3米 Ka波通信卫星天线
Ka  BAND 7.3米卫星天线



7.3m天线为Tx / Rx 2端口的C,Ku,ka,X波段,4端口或Rx 2端口的发送/接收,低噪声和低微波干扰。

  • Ku,Ka,多频段可用,铝制反射板和镀锌钢支撑结构。
  • 自对准铝天线反射器 。
  • 方位角基座上镀锌钢。
  • 固定基础和非穿透基础可选择。



KVH 7.3M


Electrical Specification
Type AT730KA
Operating Frequency, GHz Ka band
Receive Transmit
17.7~21.2 27.5~31.0
Gain(dBi) ≥61.1+20lg(f/20) ≥64.2+20lg(f/30)
Polarization circular
Axial Ratio(dB)
0.5 0.5
VSWR 1.30:1 1.30:1
Antenna Noise Temperature 4-port feed
10° Elevation
30° Elevation
50° Elevation
 Sidelobe(dB) ≤-14 ≤-14
Power (KW)   500W/port
Feed Interface WR-34 WR-42
Feed Insertion Loss, Db
(Include Filter)
≤0.8 ≤0.8
Isolation, Rx to Tx, dB ≥85  
Circular,Rx to Rx,Tx to Tx ≥20 ≥20
90% Peaks under Following Envelop 29-25lg(q) dBi;1°£q£20°
32-25lg(q) dBi;26.3°48°
-10 dBi;q>48°
Mechanical Specification
Antenna Diameter 7.3m
Antenna Type Ring focus
Surface AccuracyRMS ≤0.3mm
Antenna Pointing Range Azimuth ±90°(2 sections)
Elevation 5°~90°(Continuous)
Polarization ±90°
Surface Finishment One primer and white paint 2 times for panels. Hot-dipped galvanization for steel parts except for that need to be in motion and easy to deformation. Installation hardware is stainless.
Weight 4500Kg
Servo control
Azimuth or Elevation Travel Rate 0.01°/s0.1°/s
Polarization Travel Rate 1°/s
Drive Mode Manual or Motorized
resolution 0.01°or 0.001°
Tracking Accuracy 1/81/10 Beam Width
The servo power consumption 3kW/380V0.5kW/220V
Environmental Specification
Operational Wind 20.8m/s - 28.4m/s
Survival Wind 55m/s
Temperature -4060outdoor),-2055indoor
Relative Humidity 0%
Store Up Wind 35m/s
Ice Loading 13mm Operational; 25mm Survival